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Creation of a custom sound logo for the Hugo brand.

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Presentation of the project

Creation of a custom sound logo in French and German for the Hugo Reitzel group.

The desire was to have a short and atonal sound logo with sounds related to the local and gourmet side.

We therefore created a simple, easily memorable, relevant signature, in line with the brand's current communication, but also able to last over time.

It also had to enhance a natural product while underlining the effectiveness of a very simple packaging.

This sound logo is the perfect illustration of the brand's claim, "local in the jar", freeing nature at each opening of a Hugo product; the jar referring to the main product of the brand.

It underlines the promise of a short and responsible circuit. The name of the brand is subtly integrated as if it were blown to us by nature itself.

In collaboration with Take Off Productions


logo French version


logo German version

Audio Demo

French sound logo
Hugo Reitzel - 2022 - 09 - 1 - Demo - 2
German sound logo
Hugo Reitzel - 2022 - 09 - 1 - Demo - 1
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