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Why is the podcast the internal communications tool of the future?

Corporate Podcast

Why is the Podcast the Internal Communication Tool of the Future?

At a time when information circulates at a frenetic pace and employees are constantly in demand, podcasts offer a personal and innovative way of disseminating information, news or key messages to all employees. This is where the “internal podcast” comes into its own.

We also held a webinar on the subject, which you can find here.


A tool for all generations:

As Generation Z begins to enter the workforce, companies are faced with the challenge of communicating with employees of all generations. Thanks to their simplicity and accessibility, podcasts are just as appealing to baby-boomers as they are to millennials or Generation Z.


Adaptability to new ways of working :

The rise of teleworking and flexible working hours means that traditional internal communications, often based on face-to-face meetings, are becoming increasingly obsolete. Podcasts, available at any time, are perfectly suited to these new ways of working.


Towards more human communication :

The digital age in which we live can sometimes give the impression of a dehumanization of exchanges. By emphasizing voice and testimonials, podcasts reintroduce the human element into internal communication.



Thanks to its many advantages, the podcast is the ultimate internal communication tool. Easy to produce, accessible, flexible and humane, it meets the needs of modern businesses. Whether you’re a VSE, SME or major corporation, integrating podcasts into your internal communications strategy could well be the key to strengthening cohesion, corporate culture and employee commitment.

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