Sound identities


As the keystone of successful communication, sound identity contributes, in the same way as visual identity, to the positioning and recognition of your brand.
A few notes can quickly become a powerful emotional asset that your brand or company can capitalise on to strengthen the link with your audience.

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Discover the latest projects we have worked on
Visual Nyon region with castle and lake

Branding | Nyon Region - 2023 - 03

Visual Sweez

Branding | Sweez - 2022 - 12 - 1

Visual of Hugo brand pickle jars

Branding | Hugo Reitzel - 2022 - 09 - 1

Visual of a worker on a construction site with Minissale logo

Branding | Minissale - 2022 - 01

Visual of a blurred man with the gestiform logo

Branding | Gestiform - 2021 - 06

Computer graphics with gestiform logo

Banding | Gestiform - 2021 - 05

Sound identities

Our services

Sound logo

Our team of experts defines the sound DNA of your brand or your company and composes, to measure, your sound logo in order to amplify your communication.

Musical Theme

Our team develops the sound universe of your logo, in order to create a customised musical theme for your brand or company.
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