On-air production


Our team takes care of the production of your on-air production by creating the different sound elements (sweepers, power intro, auto-promos) necessary for the success of your on-air broadcast and this in accordance with your strategy (target, etc.).

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Discover the latest projects we have worked on

Imaging | RTL - 2022 - 09

Imaging | One FM Star Night - 2022 - 05

Imaging | Rhône FM - 2021 - 12

Imaging | Radio Lac 2022 - 01

Imaging | Kiss Collector 2021 - 09

Imaging | Red - 2021 - 08

On-air production

Our services

Sw Antenna

We create sweepers with your songs and your on-air voice to make your programme flow.

Antenna promotions

Our team manages the recording directly with your voice-over and produces your on-air promos in line with your sound design.

Power Intros

We create power intros with titles from your playlist to energise your programme by including the station's identifying sound elements.

Trim Emissions

A new column or programme? Need to refresh your airwaves? We create these elements for you, tailor-made.
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