Strengthen the bond emotional with the customer

The podcast promotes interaction, facilitates memorization and creates debate around various topics. This format helps to regain the attention of listeners in a world where consumers are continually inundated with information and written messages.
In a content creation strategy, the launch of a podcast is as important as the launch of a website, a blog or a Youtube channel. Using podcasts as part of your marketing strategy will allow you to reach a new audience.


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The benefits of the podcast

Extend its strategy of content marketing

Easy to use

While a podcast can be long enough without tiring its audience, it is more difficult for a video to be viewed from beginning to end or for an article to embody the information it conveys. Audio is, moreover, the ideal format for splitting up consumption.

High retention potential

The podcast helps build listener loyalty and engagement. It is also easily shared on social networks.

Low production costs

Although it still requires a lot of preparation on the topics and content to be of high quality, when compared to video, the podcast is simpler and faster to produce. And therefore less expensive.

An Immersive Experience

The podcast is synonymous with editorial quality. Its engaging content allows companies to effectively address their target audience. It is not just a programme to listen to, but above all an opportunity to establish a universe, to gain perspective. It creates a bond in an immersive and intimate way.

Our services


We develop the concept of your podcast in order to define the theme, the recurrence and the needs generated.


Whether remotely, on location, in our studios or on your premises, our team will record your content for a quality result.

Editing & Mixing

We edit and mix your podcast for an optimal result, in accordance with the standards in force.

Sound Design

We can create a bespoke theme tune, a recognisable theme tune for your podcast, but also create a sound design for each episode to help maximise listener immersion.


We take care of making your podcast available on the main listening platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts...)


We set up the promotional campaigns required to increase the podcast's reach and listenership.
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