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The Corporate Podcast

By February 11, 2022April 9th, 2022No Comments
The Corporate Podcast

Why The Podcast?

With the saturation of video content, the podcast is making a major breakthrough in the hearts of users.

This audio format allows for very good memorization of content and this is why it has begun to attract the attention of companies, which are increasingly turning the general public podcast into an internal communication tool that has a formidable impact on their teams.

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The Corporate Podcast

The strengths of the podcast


Flexible and responsive like written communication, podcasts are cheaper and easier to produce than videos.


The podcast allows for time optimisation.
Unlike video and print, which require the user's attention, audio is hands-free. It is the only media that can be accessed while doing something else.


The power of the voice reinforces the closeness and connection.


The absence of images strengthens the individual imagination and the work of artistic illustration allows creativity to be truly developed and nurtured.
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